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Art Of Jay Shy

Comic Book Artist


About Me

I've been drawing since the age of seven, and never looked back. I've never Taken classes, I'm self-taught in my craft. I was told at a very young age, learn to draw from life, and that's all I ever do now. Instead of being a pretty good Comic book Artist, I focused more on trying be a great story-teller. My craft has landed me jobs with Giant Titan Inc, Sub-terrane Entertainment and Inkamyst Studios. In 2015 I got my First work published by Rum Bum Records, I did the cover art for the Acclaimed band Saliva, they're Single Redneck Freakshow I designed. That is One Accomplishment that will be followed by many more.

Giant Titan

2011 - 2014 I was a concept artist for Giant Titan. I completed every commission I've ever received. I did Pencil and Ink work for CEO Thomas Ciccarelli, that eventually follow to us teaming up on the work for Rum Bum Records.

Inkamyst Studios

2014 - 2015 I was a concept Artist for Inkamyst studios, helping with the design work on an upcoming video game, and two cartoon series. CEO Henry Pierre &
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